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Four Tips to Select The Perfect Exterior House Color

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Four Tips to Select The Perfect Exterior House Color :

Have you ever driven through a neighborhood where every house is painted the same color?  How boring is that?  Have you ever driven by a house and asked yourself, “Who in the world would pick THAT color?” Their neighbors probably say that every day.

So how do you end up somewhere in between those two scenarios?  With just a little guidance, you can pick a combination of colors that makes you proud of your home and keeps your neighbors friendly.

Here are some THREE things to consider when choosing a color for the outside of your home:

What style of home do you have?
Historic? Solid brick? Stucco?

Older, historic homes can look great with the strong primary colors of red, yellow, and blue.  The abundant trim and wood windows give you many areas to accent with color.  With a solid brick home, you are limited to applying color to the soffits, fascia, and windows.  The same goes for most stucco homes.

If you have a home in the suburbs, a more earth tone color palette is usually mandated by the home owners’ association. Oh joy. In that instance you have to paint a different color than your immediate neighbors, but not too different.

Where is your home located? 
Places around the coast seem better suited to pastels.  Midwest homes look great with tried and true earth tones or primary colors.  Mountain properties often blend in with their surroundings, using darker greens and browns.  And properties in the southwest tend to look best with lighter, desert colors.

What’s your favorite color?
Sometimes it just comes down to what color or colors are your favorites.  What color does your car tend to be?  Do you have blue, gray, white, or beige carpet inside?  What are the predominant colors in your wardrobe?  Do you like warm yellows and browns, or cool greens and blues?  Do you like a sharp contrast, like a dark gray with white trim, or a subtle combination such as a light gray with a dark gray?  Are you getting the picture that there is more than one right answer for what colors you should paint the exterior of your home?

So here are some basic tips to choose the best color for the outside of your home:

  1. If you have a material such as brick or stucco that is not being painted, start with that color. 
  2. Next, find a siding color that brings out the flavor of your brick or stucco.  A light beige with a hint of rust works great with red brick, for example. 
  3. Find a trim color that is complimentary on the color wheel to pull it all together.
  4. Remember that white goes with almost anything, especially as a trim color.  And pull in a strong accent color, like dark red, dark blue, or black for a small splash on your front door, shutters, or window trim. 

Most paint companies have charts with three-color combinations that work great.

  • Drive around neighborhoods and look for houses that catch your eye.

And finally remember:  It’s your house. Pick a color that makes you feel good when you come home every night from a long day at work.  That is the kind of welcome you are looking for!

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