Kevin Getz – Founder and President 

Kevin Getz values being reliable, working hard, good leadership, and building relationships.
He started learning all about the importance of working hard and being reliable when just a child, growing up on a farm in Brighton, Colorado.

Q: Tell me about your childhood and upbringing.

KG: I was raised on a family dairy farm in Brighton, Colorado with older and younger sisters. It was my grandfather’s farm, located near the Platte River. My father, uncle, and aunt also grew up there. Kind of an old style childhood. Though I attended school in town, I spent a lot of time on the farm because there was always chores that needed to be done. I know for certain that growing up on the farm taught me to be responsible. On a dairy farm, there are zero days off, you have to work the cows – period! Growing up on the farm provided little in the way of distractions, so I was a good student. There were, however, lots of great adventures to be had, which also shaped my youth and who I would become.

Q: Who were the most influential people in your life?

KG: My parents. I was blessed. I got the best from both of my parents. I’m still influenced by them. I got my dad’s drive, sense of adventure, and thriftiness. My mom was the youngest of 8 children. I’m fortunate to be influenced by her patience and calm.

Q: How did you become a painting contractor?

KG: I worked with a friend of mine, and we were the painting division for a local carpet company. We did a lot of residential painting and later actually became business partners for several years. After working with the tools and painting every day, I learned how to provide great service for our customers. I came to understand there was a lot more involved than just good painting practices. When I started American Painting Specialists in 1987, I wanted to establish a business that does things the right way: treat people fairly, establishing relationships, complete the painting projects as promised. I believe we’ve accomplished that.

Q: Tell me about your life guiding principles.

KG: Trustworthiness – no lying. Do what you say you’re going to do, be responsible. Be considerate of others. Be honest and fair, be someone who can be relied on and trusted.

Q: What does your tagline “For a Professional Painting Experience” mean?

KG: That means that our customers aren’t only going to receive a good paint job, they’re going to enjoy the whole thing. We all know those ‘painter horror stories’: incomplete work, late, messy, the kid down the block. We strive to exceed our client’s expectation and come to rely on how we do things – from the estimate meeting through project completion. Our goal is to provide what will make customers for life.

Kevin Getz

Kevin Getz and APS – for a Professional Painting Experience

Kevin Getz, President of APS on Colorado and Company with Dave Logan and Hostess Denise Plante. Video courtesy of Colorado and Company KUSA-TV and Team Dave Logan.

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