Exterior Painting

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Exterior painting should provide great value. We know our clients want the best value, and we provide it. Our exterior painting quotes are affordable. Our work provides a fresh finish look and provides lasting protection.

We all enjoy the visual appeal of a fresh exterior paint job. We don’t give as much thought to the critical protection it provides. At American Painting Specialists, we’re very particular about the proper completion of preparation before painting starts.

First the hard labor work: the preparation of surfaces to be painted.
What defines proper and complete preparation of surfaces?  After protecting surfaces for washing, we often start by power washing surfaces (and scrubbing if needed) to remove dirt. Then we complete the rest of the protection work. We protect brick, concrete, and landscaping as needed and as is possible. The we scrape and remove loose and peeling paint. Lightly sanding rough spots and edges on wood trim gets them ready to look great.

Now it’s time for the primer and paint.
We spot-prime raw and broken down areas with primer. The primer provides adhesion of the finish paint to the substrate.  We also tighten loose boards as needed and renail loose nails. Gaps and cracks are caulked as needed with a high-quality caulking compound. Holes get filled if needed. We then apply one to two coats of Sherwin Williams Super Paint exterior latex paint. Paint is applied using a combination of brush, roller, and airless spray application. Clean up job site and haul away all trash

Your exterior painting project isn’t complete until the clean up is done. We check the entire job site to make sure you’re enjoying our work, not picking up leftover trash. We haul away all project related debris.

Your Exterior APS Professional Painting Experience is Complete.
You’ll be proud of how your house looks. And you’ll enjoy the value our long lasting prep and paint work provide.

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