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Painting it Forward for Charity



Painting it Forward for Charity

Denver PDCA and APS Charity 1:18:14

Auis, Luis, Brandt, Alejandro, and Kevin

The painting business in metro Denver has treated me very well as the owner of American Painting Specialists (APS) and continues to help support the families of seven painting technicians.  We thank God, the Universe, and our great customers that have kept us in business for 26 years!

Besides providing professional interior and exterior painting services to our customers, we also want to give back to our community by doing more for our neighbors in 2014.

The word “charity”, a noun, is defined by Webster’s New World Dictionary in some interesting ways:

  1. Love for one’s fellow men and women
  2. Leniency in judging others (we would prefer to face a lenient judge if possible, wouldn’t we?)
  3. Generosity toward the needy (which can take many forms)
  4. The help given (the key word is “given”)
  5. A welfare institution, fund, etc. (nearly endless choices of focused aid)

Last weekend, I participated in a group charity-painting event sponsored by the Denver Chapter of the Painting and Decorator Contractors of America at Warren Village located on Gilpin Street in Denver.  Warren Village provides temporary housing to single parent families as they work to get back on their feet.  Adults must work or go to school full time and have a plan to move out, to receive assistance at Warren Village.  It is great to help people who are working hard to achieve sustainable personal and economic self-sufficiency.

Warren Village

Photo courtesy of Warren Village

As a proud member of the PDCA and the former 2013 term president, I went with a few team members to paint the first-floor hallways at Warren Village.

Kevin Warrent Village Charity 2014

Kevin preparing to paint

Kevin 2 Warren Village Charity 2014

Kevin is Painting it Forward!

It was fun to paint for the day with some fellow painters from other painting companies.  Our group efforts cleaned up the walls in the busy hallways, and it made me smile to see all of the kids coming and going, trying to stay out of the way and off the drop cloths.  It was heartwarming as adults and children alike thanked us.

There are four other floors at Warren Village that need paint maintenance, and APS may return in the fall to paint one or two more floors.  It will be a fun time for all of my technicians to work on a project at the same time where they will enjoy teasing me about being the slowest painter of the bunch!

APS is happy to have another plan to give back to our community by painting for a person or organization in need as well as donating a portion of each painting sale to four charitable organizations. Each painting customer will have the opportunity to choose which one of the four charitable organizations will get the donation.


The four charities that we have chosen are:

I look forward to making a difference in people’s lives with these planned charity efforts.

The Lord knows that all of us at APS have a lot for which to be thankful!

Please contact the organizations discussed in this blog to see how you can join APS’s charity efforts to give back to your community and Paint it Forward!

A special thanks to Brandt Domas and Dara Anderson for the photos.


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