Putting a fresh coat of paint on your home can be an effective way to add curb appeal and protect it from the elements. While you could paint your home yourself, it may be more suitable to have a professional take care of the work instead. What are some things that you should look for when choosing a painting contractor?

Be Detailed When Creating a Project

To be sure that you are getting an accurate quote on your next painting project, be sure to specify exactly what you need done. For example, you should say that you need a thousand square feet of interior space painted or that you need the back half of your home’s exterior repainted. By specifying exactly what you need done, it makes it easier to compare quotes between contractors.

Get Multiple Quotes

Before choosing a contractor for your next interior painting project, be sure that you get multiple quotes for the job. Doing so helps to make sure that you are getting the best price for the work that needs to be done. Any quote that you receive should be put in writing as it makes it easier to compare the different offers that you receive. Ultimately, this can help you make the best decision based on your needs and budget.

What Will the Contractor Do?

As part of the quoting procedure, a contractor ought to tell you exactly what he or she will do to each wall that needs to be painted. For example, a contractor should be able to explain the amount of prep work that will be needed to properly complete your exterior painting project.  You should also know whether painting will be done by hand or with a sprayer, and painters should also make you aware of any other types of tools may be used to complete the project. 

How Will Surrounding Surfaces Be Protected During Painting?

It isn’t uncommon for paint to splash or spill when being poured from a can or being applied to a wall. This can result in it getting on surfaces other than those that are supposed to be painted. Ideally, a painting contractor will be able to clarify how he will keep floors and furniture protected. In most cases, this is done by simply putting a tarp or sheet over any surface that could get paint on it. In some cases, it is necessary to move objects away from a work area.

What Is the Project Timeline?

It is important to know when a project will start, how long it will take and what happens if the proposed timeline is not met. As a rule, a contractor should be able to start fairly soon after being hired to complete a project. However, you should base your preferred timeline based on your needs and personal preferences. The project’s proposed timeline and protocol for changing that timeline should be included in the service contract that both parties sign.

Is There a Warranty?

When hiring a painting contractor to perform work on your home, you want a quality result. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with asking if a contractor will guarantee his or her work. In many cases, painting professionals will work with you to resolve any problems that arise during or after the work is completed. But it is essential to know ahead of time whether the guarantee covers defects related to the paint itself or if it covers the entire scope of the project.

Get Reviews From Previous Customers

If you want to know how well a company will perform when working on your home, it may be a good idea to ask for reviews from previous customers. These individuals can provide you with unbiased analysis about every aspect of their experience with the company that you are thinking about hiring. This can help you learn more about how the company conducts itself as well as how well they react to customer needs.

Are You Working With a Professional Painter?

The person who you are paying to paint your home should be receptive to your needs. This means that he or she should respond to phone calls, emails or any other attempts to make contact in a timely manner. Likewise, he or she should be on time to appointments as well as stick as closely as possible to the project timeline. Finally, your contractor should look, always speak and dress like a professional. 

Does Your Painting Contractor Use Quality Materials?

You want to make sure that the products used on your home are top of the line. If they are not, it could result in having to repaint an interior wall or the outside of your home sooner than you had hoped. When speaking to your contractor, ask about the types of products that will be used to ensure that they meet your needs. It can also be in your best interest to ask questions about the people who will be doing the work.

If you are looking to complete a home painting project soon, talk to American Painting Specialists in Denver CO today. We will do whatever it takes to meet your needs and your budget in a timely and convenient manner.