When most Colorado homeowners set out to renovate their castles, ceilings are usually the last thing they consider overhauling. The truth of the matter is that how you choose to paint and accessorize a ceiling can make a big difference insofar as aesthetic appeal is concerned. If you want your Westminster CO home to stand out, these ceiling treatment ideas are sure to make a lasting statement.

Use Dark and Bold Colors

If you want to give a space definition and achieve a dramatic look, painting the ceiling a dark hue is just what the doctor ordered. Darker colors can make any room seem more cozy and inviting. Likewise, bold primary tones make architectural details like coffers and crown molding really stand out. By selecting the right shade of ceiling paint, one can radically change the atmosphere of a room.

Generally speaking, dark colors like blue or black make a room appear smaller and bright colors like yellow make a space look bigger. Navy blue is a great choice for ceilings found in dining rooms and bedrooms. Fun, summery colors like teal and avocado work well in bathrooms. As any professional painting contractor will tell you, matching accents like drapes with the ceiling is a winning combination.

Leverage Trim to Break Up the Monotony

Ornamental trim not only embellishes plain ceilings but also gives homeowners a way to add splashes of color that liven up the scenery. Tacking in custom crown molding is the most obvious way to direct a person’s focus towards ceilings. Non-structural ceiling beams are an attractive choice for homeowners that want a rustic design scheme. Professional interior painters can work wonders with ceiling light base plates and coffers.

The most effective approach when it comes to painting ceiling trim is the use of intermediate colors that allow for a smooth transition from one shade to another. For instance, a red ceiling looks amazing if you have a layer of orange molding between it and the surrounding white walls. Interior painters with a keen eye for detail can suggest the best shades to use to achieve your desired results.

Play Around With Different Textures and Finishes

Doing something as simple as switching from a matte paint to a semi-gloss paint can make a room look and feel like it’s been completely renovated from top to bottom. Choosing the right paint is especially important if you have an older home where ceiling joists are prone to shifting. With a little joint compound and a good paint job, you can cover up blemishes in no time.

While a semi-gloss paint applied in even coats is a classic look, there are so many more ways to make your ceiling’s texture stand apart. For instance, you could go with a thicker paint and play around with it to replicate a stucco texture up above. Using different brushes and paint stirrers to draw swirls in the paint will ensure that your ceiling is unlike any other in existence.

Install Some Metal Tile

Once a staple of early 20th century buildings, metal ceiling tiles are all the rage nowadays due to their versatility and beauty. Slapping up a layer of tin on the ceiling of a room can create a unique atmosphere and give homeowners a lot of wiggle room when it comes to customizing a space. Both new and used vintage metal tiles work wonders in a variety of scenarios.

In their natural state, copper and tin ceiling tiles look gorgeous without any adornment. However, these substrates can be easily painted with vibrant colors to achieve a look you don’t often see in most homes and businesses. If you’re going to paint metal ceiling tiles, be sure to pick a color you’ll be happy with for the long haul since repainting them can be tricky.

Make the Switch to Beadboard

Generally speaking, beadboard is typically used to dress up the lower portions of walls. Nevertheless, there’s no reason why you can’t tack it to the ceilings and make some interior design magic happen. Thanks to the widespread availability of prefabricated beadboard sheets, installing this material on the ceiling is easier than ever. Doing so will allow you to achieve a farmhouse design scheme without spending a fortune.

Making beadboard ceilings look fantastic is all about keeping things simple. First off, beadboard sheets need to be carefully aligned and nailed in to avoid buckling, warping and gaps. Furthermore, you should choose minimalist crown molding to smooth the transition from the ceiling to the walls. Finally, you should probably opt for a semi-gloss paint to make the cleaning process less of a hassle.

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