Many people dream about having a spa-like bathroom, and getting the perfect paint color is one step that’s fairly affordable and doesn’t require that you replace all of your fixtures or tear down a wall to expand the bathroom. A beautiful bathroom paint color can do a lot to transform the overall mood of a bathroom, but there are some colors that should absolutely be avoided in bathrooms. If you’re interested in learning more about how to pick and paint color and how an interior painting company can help you, keep reading.

Paint Colors for Bathrooms

There are some paint colors that will look like a horror show, such as red, dark blue, and orange, partially because the space is too small. But you should also avoid these types of colors because they tend not to be relaxing, and most people want their bathroom to be a comfortable place to bathe and get ready for work. Here are a few colors that you can have home painters put on your bathroom walls, instead.


If you want a color that’s cool and serene yet still neutral enough to easily coordinate with other colors, you should consider a blue-gray. When you pick a light version of this type of color, you’ll get to enjoy all of the tranquility of a spa-like environment. Plus, an added benefit to this color is that dirt doesn’t show easily, making it an ideal color for people with children and people who do messy jobs.


Similar to blue-gray, regular gray is a nice neutral that coordinates well with many colors. You’ll want to choose a powder gray rather than a slate gray so that it’s not too dark in such a small space. Other than that, you can make an ultra-classy bathroom by using white or cream towels and accessories.


A classic color for bathroom walls is cream because it’s not as stark as a bright white, leaving you with plenty of warmth. This color is especially good for very small bathrooms because it will help you visually maximize the space. You’ll also love that there are many ways that you can coordinate your decor because cream is another neutral color.


As one of the most versatile neutral colors in a decorator’s choices, taupe is a great color if you want to be able to create a rich, earthy vibe in your bathroom. Just put some green or blue accessories inside; then, you have a bathroom that’s as relaxing as being in a forest on a comfortable day.

Sea Foam Green

If you live near the ocean, you might use nature as inspiration a lot. Sea foam green paint as a color choice for your walls is a great way to bring a touch of nature to your bathroom. You can easily create a nautical or beach theme with this colors. Plus, it’s a classic color for bathroom paint because it has a fresh feel.

Paint Finishes for Bathrooms

There are several types of paint finishes, and each one has its pros and cons. But you should also know that some finishes are better for bathrooms than others. Take a look at the ones that you should consider letting a residential painting contractor apply and the ones that you should pass on.


If you want a no-shine finish, matte is a great option, provided that it’s in a room where the walls will rarely be touched and there’s low moisture. The reality is that a matte finish is terrible for bathrooms because it absorbs moisture, which means that your walls will be more prone to mildew. Plus, a matte finish is difficult to clean, so fingerprints near the light switch will likely go uncleaned for a while.


A finish that has slightly more sheen than matte finishes is eggshell. This is another option that can look great in certain areas where you want to hide imperfections in the walls but don’t need to worry about fingerprints or water. But don’t put it in your bathroom because it’s only slightly better at repelling water than a matte finish.


A satin finish is a nice middle of the road option because it has enough water-repelling properties that you don’t have to worry about having problems with mold and mildew if you take basic precautions, such as turning on the overhead fan when you take a shower and letting the bathroom air out after bathing. It’s also a nice option because, since the shine is still fairly low, it has an elegant appearance that’s great for more formal bathrooms.


If you’re looking at semi-gloss finishes, you’re getting much closer to something that will wear well in a bathroom. First of all, it’s a great option for bathrooms because it has enough of a sheen that it repels moisture, which will prevent mildew, mold, and other common bathroom problems. Plus, the finish isn’t shiny enough that it will maximize imperfections in the walls.


In general, you should actually avoid high-gloss finishes in the bathroom. While this type of finish will repel water and will clean up easily, it’s so shiny that it can actually magnify small imperfections on the walls. Instead, use this type of finish for your trim because wiping away dirt is easier and doorways have a tendency to attract dirty fingerprints.

Specialty Bathroom Paint

When you’re interested in finding a bathroom paint that will resist water to prevent mold and mildew, you can get a specialty bathroom paint. Some people might like this option because you can get whatever finish you want. Plus, it’s extra assurance that you won’t have moisture problems. The only catch is that it can be more expensive than regular paint.

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