For many people, the kitchen is one of the central rooms of the home. It’s often an entry point in the house, and it’s a place to congregate, socialize, and eat. When you love the way your kitchen looks, you want to spend more time there. Often times, families notice that they cook at home more frequently and find more enjoyment in having company over after a kitchen renovation.

Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint is all a kitchen needs to feel new and upgraded. Kitchen walls get dirty very easily, and paint colors can fade or wear away due to moisture and humidity. New paint makes a dramatic difference in your kitchen’s appearance, but don’t focus only on wall and cabinet painting. Your kitchen island is just as important.

The island is a natural focal point of the kitchen, but homeowners often neglect to maintain or upgrade it. A fresh, unique island color can be an excellent way to spruce up your kitchen. It will draw the eye of anyone who enters the room, but the color won’t overwhelm the space the way it might on the walls or cupboards. Here are five color ideas for your kitchen island:


Gray is likely the most popular color in interior painting right now. It’s soft, neutral, and matches well with almost any accent color. Although it’s a current trend, it also will never truly go out of style. You won’t have to worry about the color looking old or outdated in a few years as it’s so gentle and adaptable.

A gray island looks great in a kitchen that already has bold wall or cabinet painting or other eye-catching features. When you don’t want to overwhelm the eye with bright or loud colors, gray can be an excellent choice to tie the room together. Light and soft gray shades can add more depth next to white walls, and slate grays complement brighter colors.


When embarking on a kitchen painting project, green isn’t the first thought for most homeowners. When done correctly by a painting contractor, though, green can be the perfect shade for your kitchen island.

Green is a great choice if you want to embrace earthy, deep, and rich tones. Dark green is especially dramatic and eye-catching, and because the island is a fairly small fixture in the room, you don’t have to worry about your kitchen looking too dark or moody. A brighter green can look nice, too, particularly next to gray or white walls.


Black is certainly a risky color for interior painting, but it is possible to pull it off in certain situations. The color looks especially good on small kitchen islands, but it can work for larger islands as well. It brings out more depth and dimension in the room when it sits next to lighter colors, and it matches with virtually every color. Black never goes out of style, so you can keep the shade for as long as you want.

Another benefit to black paint is that dirt is much less visible. If you have children, you might notice every little smudge they leave on lighter surfaces. These marks won’t be so noticeable on a black island, so the fixture will look pristine for far longer.


Blue is one of the most versatile colors. There are countless shades of blue that range from subtle to dramatic, and you can find the right hue no matter what your kitchen looks like. The color is easy on the eyes, but it can still provide a bold pop of color to make the room look more dynamic and interesting.

A dark navy blue can have a similar effect as black for your kitchen island. It adds depth next to lighter colors, but it isn’t overwhelming. A deep electric blue can turn your island into a striking centerpiece, and a softer light blue can help your kitchen feel cozy and inviting.


Most people don’t even consider red when thinking about their ideal kitchen paint colors. It may be an unconventional choice for a kitchen, but it can look beautiful next to gentle neutral colors. Red brings out the warmth in wood or wood-like flooring, so it’s an especially good choice if your kitchen has this flooring style.

A soft auburn or burgundy color feels rustic and homey, which can be a great stylistic option for the kitchen. Brighter reds feel more modern and powerful, so they work best as accent colors. If you want the island to immediately attract attention, you could paint with a bright scarlet.

Having your kitchen island painted is a quick and easy project, but the results can be stunning. If you’re looking for a simple way to revitalize your kitchen, consider adding some color to the island. Think about your current color scheme as well as the atmosphere you want your kitchen to offer. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to be bold. Your kitchen island can be an accent piece in the room and an opportunity to display your sense of style. American Painting Specialists offers painting services to our clients in and around Westminster CO. Our team of interior painters are licensed, insured, and happy to help with any job. Call us today to learn more about our services or to consult with us on your project.