Now that winter is in the rearview mirror, your attention may be focused on improving your home’s exterior. Winter can take a toll on your property, so you may now be looking at weathered house paint, a worn deck and other issues. Painting and staining these and other surfaces are great ways to get your home back in shape, but these can be major projects that are both time-consuming and exhausting. At American Painting Specialists, our experienced exterior painting pros are ready to help you get your home looking great this summer.

Update Your Deck

The elements can take a serious toll on your deck over time. In fact, decks should be re-stained every year to protect the wood. As the stain fades, the wood is exposed to the elements, and it can warp, rot or even splinter in some areas. Through our exterior home painting services, you can enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained deck without having to lift a finger.

We can help you to find the perfect stain color for your deck. Some of our clients prefer to add an extra layer of personality to their decks through the use of two stain colors. Regardless of what you are envisioning, we can help you to bring that idea to life. If your deck’s stain is in good condition, you can still improve it through power-washing. Our exterior painting team can strip away all of the grime that has accumulated on the deck recently. This includes everything from leaf debris and bird droppings to mildew, dirt and more.

Improve Your Fence

Your fence frames your property, so it plays a major role in aesthetics. More than that, it serves important purposes, such as protecting your privacy and enhancing security. Like the deck, the fence wood must be protected by stain to prevent premature aging and unnecessary damage. After we power-wash the fence to remove the remaining stain and other debris, our exterior painting team will apply the stain color that you select. For both deck and fence stain colors, it is important to choose a color that perfectly complements the home’s exterior color scheme.

Staining a fence is a major undertaking, so you understandably want to outsource the project to a team of painters near me. Our painters in Westminster CO will work diligently to improve your fence to your satisfaction.

Freshen Up the Exterior Paint

Does your home’s exterior look drab and dingy? An exterior painting project is the perfect way to give your home a much-needed facelift. Before our painters get to work, we will carefully prepare the surfaces. This includes scraping off peeling paint, power-washing the surfaces and more. This enables us to create a like-new look through the application of new paint.

Are you thinking about using the same color of paint, or are you ready to see an impressive transformation with the selection of a new color scheme? We can help you to select a paint color that you can appreciate for years to come. The trim and front door colors also play a role in your home’s finished look. Through a paint consultation, we can support your selection of trim and door colors that take your home’s façade to the next level.

Focus on the Gutters

In addition to using our exterior home painting services for your house, deck and fence, you should give your gutters due attention. After a long winter, the gutters may be detached from the trim, or they may be sagging in some areas. This prevents the proper flow of water away from the home. As a result, the water may run down the side of the home. This creates unnecessary wear that ultimately could lead to wood rot and other types of preventable property damage. Repairing the gutters will help you to enjoy the most life from the fresh paint on your home.

Consult with our Exterior Painting Team Today While there are other painters serving Westminster CO who you could contact for help with your next project, American Painting Specialists is the company that you can trust to do great work. Our painters are insured, experienced professionals who have been beautifying local homes for years. We are available to consult with you on colors and to schedule your project for days that are convenient for you. Contact us today to request a consultation.