If you spend enough time on Instagram or Pinterest, you will probably notice a variety of beautiful ways to design your child’s room. Children are only young for a little while, so it is important to take advantage of this time period and design a creative room. Chalkboard paint can inspire your child’s imagination and help them become more creative. It is applied like regular paint, but it looks remarkably different. With chalkboard paint, a wall of your child’s room can quickly be turned into an actual chalkboard.

How to Use Chalkboard Paint in Your Child’s Room

There are a number of ways interior painters can incorporate chalkboard paint into your child’s room. At American Painting Specialists, you can talk to some of the best painters in Denver CO. Your painting contractor can help you determine the best location for incorporating chalkboard paint into your child’s room.

Use Chalkboard Paint on Blocks

You can use landscaping tinder to create large blocks. After cutting them down to the size you want, you should sand the blocks. Then, you should paint them with chalkboard paint. Once the paint has dried, your child can use them to draw the alphabet or practice numbers. Because the blocks use chalkboard paint, they can be erased each night for tomorrow’s new letters, numbers and drawings. Plus, these blocks can be used for Pictionary and other games.

Create Chalkboard Walls

A painting contractor can help you design chalkboard walls. These gorgeous walls can help your child practice drawing and writing. Because chalkboard paint tends to be fairly dark, we recommend painting just one wall with chalkboard paint. You can also have the lower section of the walls painted with chalkboard paint and reserve the top of the walls for a different kind of paint. Another creative option is to just paint the closet door.

Once the chalkboard walls are ready, you can use them for a variety of activities. Your child can leave notes for you before school or draw their favorite animal. You can fill a basket with different colors of chalk so that your little one can access their favorite colors.

Design Chalkboard Furniture

Another way to incorporate chalkboard paint into your child’s room is through the furniture. You can easily paint your kid’s toy box or dresser. During the day, they can decorate the item with chalk. Then, you can erase the pictures and words each night. If you use chalkboard paint on toy chests, drawers and boxes, your child can also write out a label for each item.

Why We Love Chalkboard Paint

Our interior painters love working with chalkboard paint because it is a great medium for a child’s bedroom. Through chalkboard paint, you can inspire your child’s creativity and give them a space to practice drawing. Plus, chalkboard paint helps you redirect your child’s natural desire to draw on regular walls.

Save the Chalkboard Drawings

As children grow up, they create beautiful works of art, sculptures and craft projects. Unfortunately, most of these pieces of art are difficult to store. In comparison, chalkboard drawings are easy to keep. Even when you wipe away your child’s drawing, you can still keep it saved away in your phone. You can take photos of each drawing and create a file for them through Google Drive or another cloud storage program.

This approach is a fun way to watch your child learn and develop. If you take a photo each day, you will be able to track their progress over time. Later on, you can even print off the photos to create gorgeous murals of their favorite drawings. If you have multiple children, you should label each picture so that you can remember who created each image.

Encourage Creativity

We love chalkboard paint because it naturally encourages a child’s creativity. Chalkboard paint can be used over and over again, so your child can keep changing their drawings. In addition, chalkboard paint is a sustainable form of art. While regular drawings use a significant amount of paper, chalkboard paint does not have to be thrown away or recycled. Instead, your child can continue to use the chalkboard as they grow and develop.

Reduce the Time Your Spend Cleaning Each Day

Parents and interior painters love chalkboard paint for another reason as well. Unlike other toys or art materials, chalkboard paint is exceptionally easy to clean. Once a painting contractor has finished painting the wall, you can clean up the area with a clean cloth. Spray a little water on the wall. Then, wipe off the drawing. It only takes a few seconds to completely clean up the entire wall. You can also save time by teaching your child to clean the wall. If they are able to clean it on their own, they can immediately make new drawings after they run out of room.

Other than using chalkboard paint in your child’s room, you can also use it in the kitchen and other areas as well. Many families use chalkboard paint for message boards and calendars. You can also use them to divide up chores or write out important phone numbers.

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