As a society, we are spending a longer amount of time in our homes. This has allowed us to more carefully consider the colors with which we surround ourselves. We can also be better able to decide when they need a sprucing up, or a whole renovation. While the interior of our homes receives more attention, the exterior needs the same amount. If you are not yet ready to give your home a whole makeover, consider painting trim or adding a colorful door. This can be whimsical and can fit in with any personal style.

Eggshell or Off-White

Many home designers are scared to use a true white, thinking it is cold and has a sterile effect. However, a warmer shade that is creamier can brighten a space and make it seem more spacious. Shades of deep white are perfectly set off by natural wood accents or a wide range of pastel hues or jewel tones. Off-white provides a blank canvas for exterior painting, able to fit into any style. This is definitely a trend to keep your eye on in 2021.

Dove Gray

Shades of gray have been surging in popularity as a go-to neutral tone. Hues of varying intensity provide an exciting alternative to tan or taupe. While cooler-toned grays are declining in popularity, warmer ones and grays with a hint of green are quickly taking their place. Many warm grays appear to have cool undertones in certain lighting, but one can be mixed for you by American Painting Specialists in Westminster CO that is perfectly tailored to your specifications. Gray can inspire a tranquil atmosphere in your home and make it seem more comfortable. It will be a more peaceful place to come home to.

Charcoal Gray

Charcoal gray is a much darker gray that is almost black, but it is quickly increasing in popularity for exterior painting. This moody, stormy gray is instantly viewed as a classic and can make a house stand out. It looks commanding when paired with stark lines of crisp white or pale gray accents and trim. Not as forbidding as a true black, charcoal is a more pensive and thoughtful shade. It is good for inspiring introspection and works well on a vacation home.


Even with gray being “the new neutral”, taupe and beige have never really gone out of fashion. While it may seem dated, the truth is that a warm shade of taupe is inviting and welcoming and just can’t be beat. This color has been used for exterior painting for decades, but older coats do have a tendency to turn yellow with age. However, new formulas are being designed that make the latest models free of this oxidizing effect. This color is beautiful in its simplicity and subtlety. Different lighting can make it look off-white. This color will inject seasonal decorations with a warmth and beauty that will enchant your guests.


This metallic shade is exciting and energizing. It can instantly make a home look fresh and updated. This hue is rapidly becoming a popular choice for residential painting. Choose a bold, shiny shade to make a more futuristic statement. Use a warmer shade that is more reminiscent of tarnished brass to make it more charming and home-like. Pair it with bronze metal fixtures or a soft shade of navy blue to set it off perfectly.


While pewter is not as instantly recognizable a color as “grey” or “silver”, that is all set to change in 2021. While no one is quite sure where this craze started, one thing is for sure. It is definitely here to stay. It gives a residence an upscale, sleek look and is perfectly set off with some natural wood accents or a clear turquoise blue. Coordinate your patio furniture to mesh well with your residential painting project.

Steel Blue

This blue with a lot of gray in it is reminiscent of that hard metal, but it has a calming, peaceful effect. It uses the gray to act as a subtle neutral, serving as the perfect backdrop for more dramatic colors. This is the perfect choice for those who do not want to stray too far from the realm of safe neutral colors, but has just enough color to make a statement. There are many varieties, so be sure that you have your residential painters do some swatch testing in various forms of light. This can help you make the best choice for your home in Westminster CO. It is important to pay attention to the effect that the light of various times of day will have on it.

Navy Blue

Much like steel and softer shades, darker blues run the gamut of intensity. Some can appear brighter than others and some can absorb a lot of light. Shades of blue are known to lend an atmosphere a peaceful effect, but when they get darker they can read as more stable and more powerful. For the outside of a house, use a cooler shade of navy. Using it as more of a neutral makes your exterior paint more versatile. This color works on many different types of homes and can be made to fit into any style of design.

Lush Green

Green may seem like it’s too bright of an option for the outside of your home, but it really is quite natural. Green is the primary color of nature itself. However, this is a color that needs some getting used to. Use computer software to create a rendering of what your home would look like in any color that you choose. You can get used to the idea of what your home will look like. If you are still not comfortable, know that a funky, earthy green also works really well as an accent color.

Natural Wood

Let’s be perfectly honest: The sheer number of paints available today is staggering. Still, there is something to be said for letting the beauty of the bare wood shine through. It rarely needs anything other than a coat of varnish or sealant. This upcoming year is all about embracing the rustic, earthy elements that are all around us. Wood is an excellent way to do this, whether you let your home’s frame show or stick to small doses of wood in accents.

Add a Splash of Color

To show some more individuality, consider painting your door or window trims in an eye-catching shade of blue or violet. Green and pink seem to be particularly on-trend colors this year. Brightly painted doors are proving to be a big trend. Unexpected door colors are making a huge splash on the housing market. If the main portion of your home is painted in a neutral or warm tone, opt for a cooler shade of blue or green for accents. Similarly, if your home is more of a cool tone, choose a softer tone like pink or soft yellow.

Let Us Handle Your Exterior Painting

If 2021 is the year for a new remodel of your home, consider working from the outside in. Contact the exterior painting experts of American Painting Specialists to consult with you about your options. They can give you helpful guidance on the color to choose as well as work with you to create a work schedule that is good for everyone involved. Give them a call today and get started on the path toward having the home that you have always dreamed of.