Transform Your Life with a Home Gym Renovation

If you are like many other Broomfield CO residents, you have a strong desire to improve your level of fitness. However, whether your goal is to lose weight or tone up, you may be struggling with a lack of motivation. A great idea is to transform some of the unused or under-utilized space in your home into a gym. When you have a private gym in your home, you may be more likely to exercise regularly and to move toward achieving your goals.

Of course, your home gym should be a space that you love spending time in. There is no better way to give the space a much-needed makeover than with a fresh coat of paint. Through a home painting project, you can incorporate motivating colors and design elements into the space. Hiring an interior painting contractor to do the work for you can produce turnkey results in minimal time.

Great Color Options to Consider

Before you contact a contractor for an interior painting estimate, it makes sense to focus on color selection. This first step in your project is important for the creation of a space that is well-suited for the workouts that you enjoy doing. For example, you would choose different tones to motivate yourself for a serene yoga workout versus an intense strength training session. What should you be aware of as you prepare to make your selection?

Warm, Intense Tones

Colors like red and bright orange are fiery and dominant. They have an intense edge that will undoubtedly get the juices flowing. Because of the impact that these colors could have on your psyche, they are ideal for strength training and for high-intensity workouts. Because of how intense these colors are, however, it may be suitable to use them on an accent wall in combination with other more subdued yet complementary tones.

Serene Hues

Do you prefer to meditate or do yoga when you exercise? You may want to steer clear of intense tones and choose more subdued, serene colors. For example, lighter shades of blue and earthier shades of green are great options. These tones create a stress-free ambiance that can immediately put you in the right mood for your relaxing workout.

Chill Colors

Do you often push yourself too hard, or do you need more motivation to make it through to the next phase of your workout? Cool tones, such as bright gray or ice blue, could help you to cool down between phases of your workout. This can help you to move on to the next step and enjoy a longer, deeper workout.

Neutral Shades

Do you want your painting contractor to create a space that is ideal for a variety of workouts? Perhaps you enjoy cardio on some days and yoga on others. Neutral shades can create an ideal environment regardless of the types of exercises that you enjoy doing. They are also the perfect solution for crowded home gyms that are packed with a variety of equipment. This is because they can balance and buffer the space to create a more hospitable environment.

Special Touches for Your Home Gym

As important as it is to choose the right colors for your home painting project, other elements should be incorporated into your revamped space as well. For example, home gyms often have a variety of workout equipment in them. This may include mats, dumbbells, bands and more. Organization is key in this space. It gives each item a place of its own so that you can exercise safely. In addition to organizational features, consider installing a fridge to hold fresh water or sports drinks. This will help you to stay focused on your workout even when you need to take a brief break.

You also need to focus on lighting. This will impact the intensity of the paint colors as well as your energy level in the space. Mirrors can reflect lighting, so consider installing a wall of mirrors. This also helps you to keep good form and remain focused. While your gym will undoubtedly have all of the elements of a small gym that you expect, it is important to personalize this space in some way. Some ideas are to hang framed motivational quotes on the wall or to install a whiteboard to track your efforts.

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