As the holiday season begins, there’s likely a number of different things you are preparing for. It’s a time of family and friendship. It’s a time for entertaining and sitting around the fireplace telling stories of holidays past. And it’s a time when you want your home to be as warm and inviting as possible. You may find yourself wishing to update the colors on the exterior and interior of your home to ensure it’s most attractive to anyone who comes your way. But it’s not an easy project. It’s one that requires all of the right tools, the best planning, and professional knowledge to do a top-notch job on your home.

If you are ready to give your Colorado home a fresh new look for the holiday season, you can contact American Painting Specialists, the professional interior painters in Westminster CO. We can take that stress off your plate when you have so much else to plan and prepare. And you will know our friendly and experienced team will do the best work on your home’s interior painting.

Set Your Priorities

The first step to getting your home in the best condition is to determine your own priorities. Are you concerned with covering up previous damage like dings and scratches on the walls? Interior painters will know how to take care of those spots to make your walls look new. Another priority might be choosing just the right color palette that flows beautifully through your home. Know what matters the most to you so our interior painters can make those priorities too.

Consider the Accent Wall

Are you tired of a plain, monochromatic look through your home? Are you looking to do something fun and adventurous but either you aren’t ready to be adventurous with your whole home or you are afraid that would be overwhelming? That’s when it’s time to consider the accent wall. It’s a great way to add color without going overboard throughout your Westminster CO home. You can choose a focal room, like the living room, den, kitchen or dining room, and choose a more adventurous color that still complements the rest of the house. Interior painters can help you choose just the right shade.

Keep Your Home Warm and Inviting

During the holiday season, you will likely have guests visiting, staying a while, or just dropping by. You want them to feel welcome in your home, and that means setting an inviting tone. Rooms where your guests may stay like family rooms, dining rooms, and guest bedrooms should be just as warm and inviting as possible. Interior painting gives you the chance to warm up those spaces, and our professionals can help you pick just the right shades of reds, oranges, creams, browns, and yellows.

Update Your Kitchen Instantly

If you are ready to really make a statement this holiday season in your home, then you may wish to talk with interior painters about updating your kitchen. Afterall, it will likely be filled with baking and cooking and chatter during the holidays. One great way to update the space is to paint your cabinets. You can choose colors that complement the rest of the kitchen or even match an accent wall in the dining room to bring the whole space together.

Don’t Forget the Rest of the Year

Even though you may be painting during the holiday season, you want to make sure you choose a color palette that will work with all of your decor throughout the year. Be sure you make things flow from one room to another and that the colors aren’t too focused on the holidays.

Look for Deals!

Professional painters in Westminster CO may offer deals during the holiday season so that residents can update their homes more easily. Be sure to watch for these deals or look for them so you can find the best offer for your needs.

Get the Professionals Involved

Painting is not an easy task and it certainly is not something you want to take upon yourself during the holiday season. You know some great tips now on how to make the best decisions for your home, but the most important tip is to go to professionals. They will have the proper equipment, trained professionals, and the right techniques to do a wonderful job that you simply would not be able to accomplish on your own. When you are ready to update the aesthetic of your home for the holiday season and you need interior painters, then reach out to us at American Painting Specialists. Call us at (303)937-1912. We are ready to schedule your color consultation and get started on your project.