Can I get painters near me to paint cedar siding? The answer to that question is mainly based on the type of paint and the climate where you live.

Many modern siding materials are durable and require minimal maintenance. Cedar is one of these, with a sealant that can last for decades without requiring additional treatment. This benefit has a downside: if left untreated, cedar will eventually start to decay from the inside out. The best way to avoid this is by only using high-quality products when installing cedar siding, but it may be necessary to paint your home’s exterior every 7-10 years to keep it looking its best

However, there are some exceptions as well: homes, where the homeowner spends most of their time outdoors and has lots of rain exposure don’t need to be re-painted as often. Cedar siding is also an excellent choice for an outdoor and covered patio because it will help keep water and debris from staining or damaging the surface. And to help your cedar last even longer, there are a few exterior home painting services in Westminster CO, can offer.

Paint and Primer Selection

Choosing a quality paint and primer is just as important as choosing the right cedar siding. While many different paints and primers are on the market, some will do more harm than good when used with cedar. Avoid using paint that contains urethane or acrylic latex, as these chemicals can react with the wood and cause it to rot prematurely. Instead, use oil-based products that contain linseed oil, as these materials tend to help protect your home’s wood for years on end.

Your cedar siding may also need a primer, but this is less common than a paint primer. A good primer acts as a foundation and helps your new coat of paint adhere to the old one. Use primers with low solvent contents so that it is easier for the paint to stick correctly. Primers also seal any cracks or crevices in the wood and reduce moisture absorption, decreasing your home’s energy bill, so it is worth spending the extra money to get a primer.

Proper Application

Applying the cedar siding is as important as selecting the suitable primer and paint. Avoid applying paint with a roller, as this can leave flat and uneven surfaces. Instead, use a brush or sponge to apply it in thin layers. It would help if you let each coat of paint dry thoroughly before applying the next, ideally letting it sit overnight between coats to help reduce the risk of peeling.

It may be easier to forget about the exterior painting of your home, but much of your home’s life takes place on its exterior painting, and it is harder to control whether or not moisture will enter your home through your decking boards.

Instead, focus on your decking boards before applying your final coat. If the deck is made of pressure-treated wood, this will prevent it from rotting and allow you to apply a sealant to help protect it for years to come. Cedar looks excellent and will last for many years when appropriately sealed with an acrylic-based product, so it may be worth spending the extra money on this step at the very end of your project.

Climate Concerns

The climate in your area will also affect how often you need to paint. As cedar is natural wood, it will be affected by changes in the weather, such as more rain or heat, so it won’t last forever. If there is tremendous rain during the year, maintaining your cedar may be more critical than ever.

However, if you are in an arid area, it may not be necessary to paint your home for many years. It is best to inspect the siding and apply a coat of paint if warranted after each big storm. You can also apply a new coat of paint every six months to keep the rotting process from developing.

Cedar doesn’t need to be re-painted every few years, as some homeowners believe: however, with proper care, your home will look great for many years after an initial coating. Be sure to purchase high-quality paint and primer, as these materials will significantly impact the longevity of your cedar siding. We are American Painting Specialists with years of experience in Westminster CO. We can help you get the job done right and get your home looking beautiful. Contact our experts today for a free estimate.