Painting has long been a homeowner’s best way to maintain, protect and improve the appearance of their home. But how often should you paint the inside of your Colorado house? And what are the benefits? The most common rooms in a house include:

• The Kitchen

• Bedrooms

• Bathrooms

• Dining Area

For clean, heirloom-quality surfaces, homeowners typically recommend a professional painting every five years. This article will explore the need for painting different parts of your home. It will give you a room-by-room insight into what entails the most benefit and how you can maximize the life of your interior painting. Interior painting can be an arduous task, which, if left to do on your own, will end up costing you an arm and a leg. You may benefit from the following knowledge if you want to kick off your painting journey.

How often Should You Paint the Inside of Your House?

In the simplified rule of thumb for Colorado homes, painting the inside of your home more often than every ten years will help prolong the life of your interior surfaces. Different parts of your home have different benefits from painting. Your front door will be in the public eye most, so you’ll want to make sure that your front door is painted before it shows signs of wear or, even worse, before it starts to peel.

In equal measure, different rooms will have their own different paint needs. For example, the color of the walls in your living room may make it a better idea to paint them more frequently, especially if they are a light color compared with more dark colored walls in another part of your home.

How Often Should You Paint Interior Rooms?

Lived-in spaces, such as your kitchen or living room, will likely benefit most from an interior painting every six years. Moisture and heat will significantly impact these areas, and paint is much more likely to peel when water seeps into the painted surface.


The bedroom is your sanctuary. It is the place where you rest and re-energize. It should be a relaxed and calm space, without the harshness of peeling paint. Painting your bedroom every five years is more than enough to keep it looking fresh and clean. Bedrooms are typically much more accessible to paint than the kitchen and are a much smaller space. This makes it possible to complete the job in a weekend, leaving you with a crisp, new-looking bedroom without much disruption to your life. Children’s rooms are generally an exception as their needs are more significant than the average home due to fast-growing children and all the mess that comes with them. Children can be very energetic, which exposes their bedroom spaces to destruction and wear and tear. Given the extra wear children put on their bedroom spaces, painting every 2 – 3 years can ensure that their bedroom space always looks fresh, clean, and new.


The bathroom is where you cleanse and re-energize. It’s where you get ready for the day ahead. If your bathroom is starting to look dull, then it’s time to think about painting. A well-painted bathroom will make a big difference, so it’s worth investing in. Bathrooms are typically smaller, so it’s possible to maintain a bathroom paint job with few interruptions. If you can’t paint your entire bathroom, painting just the cabinets and the walls in the shower is more than enough to keep it looking fresh and clean. A 3–4-year interval between painting your bathroom is sufficient to keep it looking new. The bathroom is often a home’s most used room, making the bathroom space an excellent place to start your residential project. Exposure to moisture and humidity may leave the bathroom space vulnerable to mold and mildew. Painting your bathroom will help to prevent this from happening, saving you money in the long run.


The kitchen is where you nurture and provide for your family. You want to give the kitchen the best possible care. A well-painted kitchen will make a big difference, so it’s worth investing in. A kitchen space painted more often than every six years will be more likely to sustain wear, especially if the kitchen is an exceptionally white or light-colored wall. The exception would be for white walls in the dining areas of the kitchen, which tend to receive less foot traffic.

Dining Area

The dining area is an excellent opportunity to experiment with bolder colors and deeper tones. Well-painted dining space will make a big difference, so it’s worth investing in. Dining areas are typically more prominent, so consider painting them in sections to avoid disruption. Painting your dining area every five years will ensure it sustains wear.

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