Residential exterior painters apply professional paint to help protect the outside surfaces of your home. When your siding and trim are covered with paint, they also look more appealing. Over time, paint wears out from the sun, moisture and changing temperatures. These are some signs that you need professional exterior painting services.

Bubbling, Cracked or Flaking Paint

As paint starts cracking, bubbling, chipping, flaking or peeling, it will only get worse. These changes in the paint usually mean that it is old or was not applied properly. For example, if the wrong type of paint was used or the old paint below was not removed first, there may be premature wear. Moisture can seep behind the loose paint and discolor or damage the siding. Some moisture damage can lead to wood rot, and mold and mildew can start growing as well.

Damage From Winter

Snow and ice on the exterior of the home can chip paint or cause areas to become loose. When that happens, the paint continues chipping and peeling. All the problems discussed in the previous section can happen after that. Because winters can be harsh on exterior paint, it is important to carefully assess the condition of it when the cold season is over.

Stains and Mold

When mold is already growing on the siding, it can be hard to remove without damaging the paint under it. To kill and remove mold from paint without causing damage, it often takes a lot of manual work. Even with care, paint that is old may still chip. Water stains are also difficult to remove. In some cases, stains can be a sign of damage to the siding. It is important to have a professional repaint the siding and assess it for damage.

Discolored or Faded Paint

When paint looks dull, chalky, dusty or faded in certain areas, it is time to repaint. Those changes are all signs that the paint is wearing out and is no longer providing adequate protection.

Wood or Siding Material Damage

Winter is hard on wood, stucco and other types of materials used on your home’s exterior. As time passes, these surfaces must be replaced when they wear out. However, they can last longer with the right type of paint. Residential exterior painters can assess wood, stucco and other materials to see if they have more extensive damage or just need to be repainted.

You Want a Different Exterior Color

Not all calls for exterior painting services are based on damaged or old paint. Some people simply want a different color. An appealing color of paint is a good way to attract buyers and increase your home’s value if you are considering selling it.

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