The holidays are coming. That means people are about to start shopping, and you too need to be in on the surge. Your customers should find your store ready and welcoming when the shopping season gets here.

With COVID-19 having grounded people and kept businesses closed, a revamp may be long overdue. People like the vibe of spaces that are vibrant and alive. Some colors can even help boost sales.

Changing a few key aspects of your store’s interior can breathe new life into your space. This is always a win as your customers will have a better experience. A better interior encourages more shopping and brings back your customers.

That said, a good commercial painting contractor can take your store to the next level for the holidays. But how do you paint your store without deterring shopping? You do not want to significantly impact your business, as this is the recovery time for many businesses.

Let’s look into a few things you can do to prevent interrupting business and still get a brand new look in your store.

Give Your Customers Prior Notice

Chances are, you already have a few regulars who visit your store. Putting up notices a week or two before starting your painting project can help them schedule their shopping accordingly. Drawing up diagrams of what will happen can also prepare them for the inconvenience caused.

It is also a great idea to give a few guidelines to your customers before you start. Explain what kind of paint will be used in the project and the main components. Your commercial painting contractor can help you with this information. This is vital in giving warning of allergens to people with health conditions.

Some people living with Asthma, for instance, can get affected by some components in the paint. This prior notice can be instrumental in helping your customer feel appreciated and considered. Thinking about your painting project’s possible ways that can affect your customer experience will allow you to prepare for any potential issues.

Put Up Physical Barriers Around the Area You Are Painting

This one seems like a no brainer. It is important enough that we will not only mention but also stress on it. While grownups can easily adhere to simple signs, kids can sometimes be downright curious. Your barriers should be childproof. That means it should be high enough to prevent little ones from bypassing and touching the wet areas.

To avoid accidents and messes, it is only essential that you barricade the still wet area. Adding “no entry” signs and “wet paint” also alerts people that the area has been temporarily zoned out.

Another great way to keep people away from barriers is to keep one staff member around the wet area—some people just like breaking the rules.

Paint When the Traffic Is Least

Another way to avoid deterring shoppers is by choosing the least traffic times to do the bulk of the work. These key hours allow your commercial painters to do a lot of the core work without causing much of a distraction to your customers.

Doing this also prevents you from dealing with customer complaints and curious hands from interfering with the work or making a mess. Liaise with your commercial interior painters to map out the best painting schedule that will affect your business least possibly.

Have a Locked Tool Area

Your painting tools are an essential part of the process. They take up space and can be quite messy. They can also be the objects of many people’s curiosity if left lying around.

Any right commercial painting contractor knows to make a well-secured tools area. This prevents accidents from happening as the painters continue with their work and the customers try to keep up with their grocery shopping.

Another advantage of keeping your tools locked away is that it helps save time. This extra organization makes it easier to keep track of all the needed tools. This helps the work move faster, allowing you to get back to business as usual quickly.

Have Someone Reach Items Customers Cannot Access

Since parts of your store will be inaccessible to customers, it is only right that you delegate a staff member to man that section. They will help customers grab any products that are out of their reach. Your goal is ultimately to keep your customers as well and taken care of them as possible.

The staff member in charge of keeping people at bay can double as they reach these goods. This will help kill two birds with one stone. Commercial interior painters will usually know how to maneuver in most spaces. Having painted in many retail stores, they will quickly move from section to section to ensure your customers have the least possible deterrence as they shop.

Close for a Short While

If you need to get the work done in the shortest possible time, you can also consider closing your store for a day or two. This can inconvenience you in the short term, but most customers will understand and prepare with proper communication in advance.

You don’t need to close on essential days. You can pick a weekend to get the work done and get back to work the next week. Your commercial painters should be able to work within your schedule. A big enough team can get the work done even within a day, allowing you to get back to work.

Do I Need to Paint My Store?

Cosmetic changes can go a long way in taking space to the next level. People living in Westminster CO have been affected by the COVID-19 stay at home protocols.

A long time without constant improvement can take its toll on any store. People like spaces that are lively and welcoming. American painting specialists have the experience and know-how under their belt to take any space from bland to welcoming.

This is a get bonus as the holidays creep in. People are more inclined to buy from stores that look vibrant. The fact that your space is refreshed gives the notion that the business is doing well. This is a great way to attract more customers.

Playing with the right combination of colors and bringing in textures and specialty coating can completely transform your store’s energy. Regardless of the style, you want to keep in your space, American painting specialists are ready to help make your space come to life.

Are you in Westminster CO? Do you need a revamp of your space to prepare you for the excellent holiday traffic? This is the time to take action. The sooner you can get the makeover done, the less amount of customers can get obstructed. The numbers only keep growing as the holidays get closer.

Call American painting specialist today. We guarantee that we will give you professional and quick services. We have a large team capable of handling a range of projects of all magnitudes. Our staff is friendly and eager to help. We pride ourselves in working on tight timelines and creating unique spaces.

Not sure where to begin? No problem. We will guide you through the different color combinations, finishes, and available textures. We will go further and create swatches to help you visualize the outcome. Contact us now and let our experts help you out.