Painting the exterior of your home in Westminster CO is a significant undertaking, so you understandably do not want to jump the gun and hire a painting contractor prematurely. On the other hand, the condition of your home’s exterior, its curb appeal and other factors are directly tied to the quality and the condition of the outside paint job. How can you tell if the time has come to schedule outside house painting service for your home? If you have noticed one or more of these issues, now is the time to schedule a consultation with our painters.

Wood Rot or Flaking Stucco

The protective and sealant properties of paint can effectively prevent wood rot, cracked stucco and other types of damages. However, when the paint is damaged or old and the underlying surfaces are even moderately exposed, serious damage can occur. The damage can increase over time until appropriate steps are taken. Cracks, rotted wood and other issues will need to be properly addressed before the fresh paint can be applied. However, when you schedule exterior painting service as soon as you notice these types of damages, you may be able to keep related repair costs to a minimum.

Mildew Growth

Mildew can grow on a wide range of surfaces when conditions are ideal. When mildew on your home’s siding and other exterior surfaces remains superficial, you can wipe it off with a cloth or use a pressure washer to blast it away. However, when the mildew is allowed to grow, it can cause serious staining and other related damages to the exterior of your home. Our painters never cut corners, so we will pressure wash all exterior surfaces upfront to remove mildew and other grime. We will also replace any materials that have been damaged by mildew before painting them.

Damaged Paint

Depending on the quality of the paint used, the materials that have been painted and the environmental conditions that different areas of the home have been exposed to, outside house painting may be needed approximately every five to seven years. In many instances, exterior paint will begin to crack, peel or bubble within this timeframe. These are signs that the paint quality has faded and that the integrity of the paint’s protective properties is impaired. By hiring our licensed and insured painters in Westminster, you can protect your home’s exterior from unnecessary damage without having to spend the time and energy doing the hard work yourself.

Faded Paint

Old paint that has lost some of its protective qualities will not always appear to be damaged. The surfaces may remain completely smooth and intact, but you may notice that the color has faded. This may initially seem to be an aesthetic issue, but it can impact the physical condition of your home as well. When the paint color fades and its sheen has a muted look, the top layers of the paint may have been stripped by UV rays, rain, snow and other elements. You can keep your home’s exterior well-maintained when you react to a faded paint issue quickly.

Paint Film Residue

In some cases, the appearance of faded paint may actually be caused by a chalky film on siding and other painted surfaces. This residue can be wiped away, so your inclination may be to simply remove it with a clean towel. However, this filmy residue forms when the paint’s binding components have been damaged. Both excessive exposure to moisture and damaging UV rays can result in paint pigment separating from binding elements. This tell-tale sign indicates the need to repaint the home.

Outdated Style

Perhaps you did not care for your home’s exterior color when you moved in, or the color that you once loved has become an eyesore. Brightening or darkening the shade slightly can give the exterior a refreshed look with updated curb appeal. Making a bold color change through exterior painting can completely transform your home’s curb appeal. As your painting contractor in Westminster CO, we are happy to assist with your color selection during an initial consultation.

Our Skilled Exterior Painters

At American Painting Specialists, we are the trusted painting contractor in Westminster CO that you can rely on to improve your home’s curb appeal and exterior condition through our team’s hard work. Outside house painting is often far more challenging and time-consuming than many people initially assume. However, because the project can affect everything from property value to future repair issues and more, it is not a project that you can afford to take chances with. The perfect solution is to outsource this important project to reliable professionals, and our experienced painters are ready to answer your call. We take every reasonable step to ensure that you have a great experience with our team and that you love the work that we do. We consistently provide firm, accurate quotes for timing and cost upfront. Our painters can improve your home’s exterior condition and curb appeal to your satisfaction. At the same time, we will work diligently so that you can enjoy beautiful results as soon as possible.

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