As a homeowner, you have many responsibilities when it comes to the maintenance of your home. One of the most frequently overlooked aspects of home ownership is the condition of the exterior paint. Your home will need to be painted around every five to six years. Although the paint may appear like it can last longer than that, it is important to have a professional come and inspect the condition of the paint. The exterior of your home is what a person will first see driving by and what guests will first see upon arrival. The paint that covers your home is an essential part of your home’s exterior, but you may not know what to look for when it comes to assessing paint damage. The guide below will help you determine if your home’s exterior is in need of painting.

Fading Paint

One of the easiest ways to tell whether or not you need an exterior paint job is by looking at the paint on the outside of your home. Your home’s exterior is constantly outdoors, meaning that it is always at the mercy of the elements. This includes wind, rain, and snow. A common issue with exterior paint is that it begins to fade. Overtime, the paint may lose its shine and become dull. If you just bought a home, the exterior is one of the first things you will want to check out. This is because you may not know how long ago the paint job was previously done. Getting in touch with a residential painting contractor can help you assess the situation and determine whether or not a new paint job is in order.

Outdated Colors

Your home’s exterior may be in great condition. However, you may still not be happy with your home’s exterior paint color. The color may be outdated, or you may just want to try a new color. You could have also just bought a home that you love but are not fond of how the exterior looks. In another case, you may be trying to sell your home and know that a new exterior color will boost your curb appeal. Keep in mind that color is not permanent, and you can always change it. However, you will want to take some time to consider your different color options and what would look pleasing on your home. Speaking with exterior painters can help you get an idea of common color choices and what colors would look good with your home.

Damaged to Wood or Stucco

Paint acts as a protective layer over the exterior surfaces of your home. However, paint does not last forever and will eventually begin to wear away. This could lead to damage occurring to the exterior of your home. You may notice damage to your drywall, wood, or stucco. Typically, you will need to repair or remove the damaged pieces. Once this occurs, you will then have unpainted materials as part of your exterior. This means that you will need to speak with professional exterior painters that can come out to your home and paint these materials to match the other areas of your home. Working with a professional can help you ensure that you get a perfect color match and avoid any potential mishaps.

Peeling, Bubbling, or Cracking Paint

One of the more obvious signs that your home is in need of a new paint job is when the paint is showing visible signs of damage. This could be in the form of peeling, bubbling, or even cracking paint. You may notice that paint is chipping away and may be exposing certain areas of your house. This is a cause for concern as there could be other factors at play that are causing this to happen. Exposed areas of your exterior can lead to structural damage, as well as potentially costly future issues. Besides the issue being unsightly, it can also be evidence of a much more serious issue than just needing new paint. A professional residential painting contractor can come and inspect the exterior paint job of your home and determine whether or not you are due for a new coat.

Moisture Stains and Mildew

Moisture stains and mildew residue can become evident on the exterior of your home. This is natural buildup and is a very common issue. Majority of the time, this is a sign that the exterior of your home is in need of a good cleaning. Taking a cleaning sponge or pressure washer to the exterior could help solve your problem. However, sometimes these stains can be stubborn and that may be a sign that something else is wrong. There may be a more sinister reason for these stains occurring and a professional can help you determine the root cause, as well as the extent of the damage.

Chalky Residue

Chalky residue is one of the more difficult signs to spot of needing a new paint job. This is because you generally need to be close enough to see it. If you notice your exterior paint has started to dull, there is a good chance that it has chalky residue sitting on top of it so get closer for a better look. Run a towel or your hand across the paint and take note if any residue comes off in your hand. This residue occurs due to exposure to the elements. This does not always mean that your home is in immediate need of a repainting but speaking with a professional can help you figure out that timeline.

Unfortunately, paint cannot last forever. Eventually, your home will need the exterior to be repainted. American Painting Specialists is an exterior painting company in Westminster CO, priding ourselves on exceptional customer service and a dedication to the exterior of your home. We can assess the situation and provide you with solutions. Our team of expert professionals is waiting to get the exterior of your home back on track, so give them a call today.