Much like with many things, there’s more to colors than meets the eye. In other words, colors aren’t merely shades and reflections of light. Instead, they’re meaningful hues that evoke responses and emotions. It’s for this reason why many people take their time when choosing an interior paint color.

While you want the color you pick to be visually appealing, it’s equally important for your selection to delight other senses. With that said, you should know the psychological effects that colors have on our moods and feelings. Using this insight, you can make an informed decision. To ensure that you’re satisfied with your selection, enlist the help of our interior painters in Westminster CO.


When pink is present, it promotes empathy and tranquility. When added to a children’s room, pink can inspire kids to behave more calmly. Unfortunately, this hue only holds its charm for so long.

Unlike its colorful peers, pink doesn’t typically make an impact on children after their adolescence. In essence, though many kids prefer pink during their childhood, they’re ready to bid farewell to this rosy tone once their teen years arrive. If pink overstays its welcome, it can trigger negative emotions like anger and frustration.


Often associated with royalty, purple is steeped in elegance and sophistication. Yet, when purple turns to the darker side, it’s dramatic, exuding confidence and passion as it captivates passersby. Meanwhile, lighter shades of purple encourage creativity, compassion, and sensitivity.

With that in mind, purple is a highly versatile hue. Perhaps you’re looking to add an air of refinement to your aesthetic. Maybe you want to feel inspired as you walk through your home. If this rings true for you, purple will do the trick.


Blue can be a tricky color to navigate. Simply put, this color can turn very cold and depressing fast. To avoid inducing a negative response, steer clear of blue shades that are too dark. Similarly, if you choose light blues, your room will likely look uninviting.

Ideally, your shade will fall somewhere in the middle. As a result, you’ll have a color that offers serenity and peace of mind. This calming color can even reduce anxiety, lower your heart rate, and slow respiration. Overall, blue is an excellent selection if you’re prone to stress.


Green is a relaxing, comforting hue, making it a wonderful addition to a child’s playroom or home office. When green is near, you’ll notice that a calming presence takes hold. This response happens because green brings great comfort to those in distress. Without knowing it, green consoles people, making them feel protected and at ease. Moreover, green is a social color, so if you like to host parties or have friends over a lot, follow the emerald road.


Beloved for its sunny disposition, yellow is an upbeat shade. Though this hue is beautiful, it’s humble. Those who choose this color are said to boast the same qualities. Most notably, yellow is sought-after because it makes a room feel welcoming. It also helps people concentrate, making it a popular option for offices.

Be sure that the yellow you’re choosing isn’t too bright. Otherwise, you’re likely to bombard guests. For optimal results, pick a shade that’s subtle yet striking. While yellow works great in kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms, it doesn’t go with every room. The bedroom, for instance, shouldn’t have yellow in it. Since yellow is often associated with daytime activities, this hue can disrupt your sleep schedule.


Hallmarked for its brightness, orange promises a cheerful feel. It also invokes excitement and glee. If you’re looking to brighten your mood, orange is up for the task. Additionally, when used in active rooms, orange hues can make you more social.

To create the perfect atmosphere, choose an orange shade that’s not overwhelming. If the hue you pick is too bright, it’ll overstimulate you. Not only will this wear you out, but it’ll also wreak havoc on your home’s aesthetic.


Regarded as one of the boldest colors, red knows how to make a statement. When it enters a room, you can be sure that energy levels will rise. Though red is a gorgeous hue, it’s known to aggravate people. However, this response generally only happens when there’s too much exposure to red.

With minimal amounts of red sprinkled throughout the room, you can achieve the ideal ambiance. Since red gets your adrenaline pumping, use this hue in small doses. You’ll also want to add it to social areas like the living room. In private spaces like the bedroom, red will do more harm than good.

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