With the holiday season quickly approaching, your mind may be turning to everything from preparing your holiday gift-giving list to planning a festive party and more. Because the holidays are a time to join together with friends and loved ones, you understandably need to spruce up your home before you entertain your favorite people.

Before you dust off your seasonal décor that may be stashed away in the basement or garage, take a moment to gauge your home’s ambiance. Whether the color scheme is outdated or the paint has lost its luster, applying the perfect paint color to your walls is a great way to prepare for the season. At American Painting Specialists, we are your preferred painting contractor in Westminster CO, and we are thrilled to help you prepare your home for the holidays. In fact, here are some lovely decorating ideas to consider.

1. Enhance Aesthetics with an Accent Wall

Our interior painters know that repainting the entire home is not in the cards for many homeowners this season, and the good news is that you can make a big impact on your home’s décor with a new accent wall. Our team can paint a specific surface in a room a brilliant shade that adds oomph to the space. Do you need help selecting the right walls in your rooms for this project? Our interior painters are happy to offer guidance.

2. Refresh Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

Have your kitchen and bathroom cabinets seen better days? You can avoid the expense of replacing them by hiring our painters to refresh them. This is a lovely way to erase years off of your cabinets and to add a touch of much-needed color to these spaces. This is a special gift to yourself this season that you can continue to enjoy for years to come.

3. Choose Warm Tones for Common Areas

Whether you are searching for painters near me to touch up your formal dining room or you have a larger project in mind, a wonderful idea is to infuse your home with warm paint tones. With frigid weather conditions outdoors, your home’s gathering areas will be warm and inviting for all who step foot indoors. This is also a smart way to make your guest bedroom feel cozier this season.

4. Select Colors to Complement the Season

In many homes throughout Westminster CO and beyond, holiday décor will remain in place for numerous long weeks. During this time, you understandably want the décor to look natural rather than out of place. Regardless of the rooms that you intend to paint soon, consider choosing colors that complement your seasonal décor.

Your Trusted Interior Painting Contractor

Your mind may now be filled with exciting ideas for your home décor. The only thing left to do is to hire a painting contractor to bring your plans to life. At American Painting Specialists, our interior painters are licensed and insured professionals who are ready to work for you. With our focus on beautiful workmanship and attention to detail, you will undoubtedly love the work that we do in your home.

Request a Consultation Today Color selection will play a major factor in the end result of our efforts. We want you to love everything about your freshly painted spaces, and we will happily sit down with you for a complimentary color consultation as a first step in the process. To request a consultation and an estimate reflecting our competitive rates, contact American Painting Specialists today.