When you hire interior painters for your home, you want to make sure that the paint job will produce the right effects. The aesthetics of the paint job, the atmosphere it creates, and the feelings it evokes should be all that you hope for. One of the best approaches to a beautiful and memorable paint job is to make use of an accent wall.

What Is an Accent Wall?

It’s a wall that stands out in some way. Maybe its color isn’t the same as the color of the other walls. Maybe it’s made of a different material or presents a different texture or geometric pattern. It may also help highlight a fascinating work of art, a row of windows, or a beautifully crafted piece of furniture.

How Can an Accent Wall Improve Your Home?

Visual Interest

A primary purpose for this type of wall is to make a room look more interesting. It breaks up monotony, and it affects the way people look around a room, including what they focus on most.


Well-chosen colors, textures, or patterns can produce a stunning effect, especially when combined with the right kind of furniture and lighting. Even if the accent wall is simple and involves merely a different color, your room can become more beautiful.

Effects on Layout

Let’s say you have a floor plan that’s open. The use of accent walls can help you define different areas within a large, open space. For example, one of these areas may be where your dining table is located.

Color and other design choices can also produce visual effects that make a space look larger and airier or more cozy and compact. In subtle ways, you can change the shape of an interior space.

Atmosphere and Mood

Various paint qualities, such as color and reflectivity, help create certain atmospheres and evoke different feelings.

You may want a warmer color palette or a palette with cooler colors, such as shades of blue and green. You may want a room to look more formal and elegant or have a more relaxed and playful atmosphere. Some basic decisions about an accent wall can make a profound difference in the overall feel of a room.

Smaller Projects With Big Results

Because accent walls don’t take extensive work to produce noticeable effects, they’re popular projects. If you’re working with a tighter budget, or if you just aren’t ready to embark on more extensive painting work, this type of project may suit you well. With guidance from a reputable interior painting company, it’s also a good opportunity to experiment with new looks for your home.

What Are the Best Choices?

There isn’t one set of rules that applies to each room or each home. However, there are important principles to keep in mind when making decisions about your accent wall. The following are a few examples:


Using a bold color for an accent wall is fine. You just need to make sure that it isn’t unpleasantly overwhelming or overly distracting. It needs to balance well with the other colors in the room and not drown them out or clash with them.

Wall Choice

Choosing the right wall is critical and depends on multiple factors, including its position relative to doors and windows, its height and other dimensions, and the presence of various features, such as a fireplace or a large piece of furniture.

For example, let’s say you want to hang up many photos and other works of art on a particular wall. It’s probably best that you don’t make it your accent wall. If its surface is too cluttered, it won’t be able to produce a striking effect. However, an accent wall may still serve well to frame or highlight some shelving or a dominant work of art.


Consider how any color or combination of colors will look in both natural light and in the artificial lighting in your home. Even the presence of a small skylight can affect the color and finishes that are best suited for a room. Will your accent wall receive sufficient illumination?

Properties of Various Materials

When figuring out what paint to use, think about the variety of materials in the room. For example, does the room you’re painting have a wall with exposed bricks or large mirrors? Is the flooring made of wood or tiles? Are the curtains made of a particular kind of fabric?

The paint you choose needs to blend in with the overall feel of the room. It needs to work in tandem with the texture, color, and other qualities of different materials.

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