For your baby’s first room, you want to get everything right, including the paint colors. The right colors create an atmosphere that helps keep your baby calm and makes it easier for them to sleep well. Hiring specialists in residential painting will ensure that your child enjoys all the benefits of well-chosen paints.

What Are the Most Soothing Home Interior Paint Colors for Your Nursery?


Purple is a gorgeous color, but many shades of purple may be too intense and dark for a nursery. A darker shade of purple can work well as an accent or as trim, but you probably want to avoid using it as the dominant color in the room.

Lavender, however, is a gentle color. It gives you a calming, mellow way to enjoy purple. It has a peacefulness that brings to mind fields of lavender flowers in late spring or summer. Instead of being overly intense, lavender brings serenity to your baby’s room.

Also, if your baby’s furniture is painted a neutral color, such as off-white, lavender can complement it beautifully. It can add a majestic touch to the nursery and make the room feel more warm.

Baby Blue

While darker shades of blue may promote too much turbulence or energy, baby blue is a serene choice. It’s the color of clear skies, fresh air, and calm water.

Along with giving an airy feeling to your nursery, it creates an atmosphere of peace. It can exert a soothing effect on irritability, anxiety, and other unpleasant feelings.

Baby blue also goes well with many design ideas, including a nature theme or maritime decor for the nursery. You can easily pair it with cream, peach, and other gentle colors. A bolder accent color will complement it wonderfully as well.

Mint Green

Green is both calming and gently stimulating. It combines a soothing effect with a feeling of growth. One reason it’s popular in children’s rooms is the way it stirs up creativity. It reminds people of forests and fields, plants emerging to the sun.

Mint green is an especially soothing shade. It’s delicate and beautiful, and babies and parents will enjoy its calming effect. Like other shades of green, it also promotes imagination.

You’ll have an easy time blending mint green with the rest of your nursery decor. You can give the nursery a gentle, earthy look, especially if it has brown furniture and wood floors. You can also pair mint green with some pops of bolder color, such as dark coral.

What About Patterns?

Instead of a single color for a wall, you may want a beautiful pattern with two or more colors. There are many combinations that can work well, including a mix of the soothing colors mentioned here, such as mint green in a pattern with lavender.

When delivering quality house painting in and around Westminster CO, we make sure to discuss all the options with our customers. You deserve to know about creative and stylish possibilities that you may not have considered for home painting. You can also turn to us for guidance on which colors to choose, how they’ll look together in your nursery, and whether a wall should have a solid color or a pattern.

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