Many lovely homes in Westminster CO are unfortunately marred by outdated, unsightly wallpaper. Now that you have decided to take action by transforming the décor in your home, you are left with one significant dilemma. What are your options for dealing with outdated wallpaper? The good news is that there are several options available for your old wallpaper. Regardless of the option that you select for your home, your preferred contractor can help you to overcome the challenge of working with older wallpaper. More than that, professional inside painters in Westminster CO will utilize their extensive knowledge and skills to create a final look that you will love.

Remove Wallpaper and Paint the Walls

Removing wallpaper is a tedious chore, but it is the approach that many inside house painters will recommend. This is because painting or wallpapering over old wallpaper will create a tougher removal project down the road. Wallpaper adheres to walls using a strong glue, so it rarely peels away in long pieces. Instead, it rips into small shreds and leaves behind textured remnants. This type of project requires the use of a scraper tool, adhesive removal and ample effort. Generally, once the wallpaper has been completely removed, you may need to fill in damages to the drywall. Texture and primer should also be applied before painting the wall your preferred color. Because of how exhausting this project can be and because of the need for the end result to look amazing, hiring a painting contractor is essential.

Paint Over the Wallpaper

While painting over wallpaper can create a tedious wallpaper removal project in the future, it is an easier option to consider today. Paint must be applied to a clean, prepared surface. Simply painting over wallpaper will not yield beautiful results because the underlying wallpaper texture and the seams between the sheets of paper will be visible. To prepare the surface for paint, all loose edges must be glued down. Texture and primer should be applied as well. Even with these steps, you may still need to apply a few coats of paint to ensure that the coverage is flawless and smooth.

Install Paneling

For a different look in your home, you could consider installing paneling. If you choose floor-to-ceiling paneling, the material may need to be cleaned and prepared before it is stained and installed. If you choose half-wall paneling, such as wainscoting, you must still decide how to deal with wallpaper on the upper portion of the wall.

Apply New Wallpaper

Wallpaper gives you a relatively easy way to incorporate multiple colors, texture and prints or patterns into a space. With this in mind, it could be a beautiful way to update your home décor. The two primary solutions are to remove the old wallpaper before the installation project or to install wallpaper over the old wallpaper. For both projects, you will need to prepare the walls for the installation of new wallpaper as a preliminary step. Installing wallpaper can be a messy, time-consuming project, so recruiting the skills of your preferred painting contractor is a smart idea.

What Your Painting Contractor Will Do

Regardless of what your plans are for dealing with old wallpaper and for beautifying your walls, the efforts of inside house painters are essential. There are many opportunities for unskilled hands to complete steps improperly throughout all projects. If this is the case, the property could be damaged, the length of the project may be extended and the end result may not be what the homeowner envisioned. Your painting contractor will employ all critical steps to ensure that you love the final results.

Request a Consultation Updating your home’s décor is a major undertaking. The project could take more time and energy than you have available. More than that, the beautiful results that you want from your home may be dependent on a high level of skill. American Painting Specialists is the Westminster CO painting contractor that you can count on to produce the incredible look that you are dreaming about. Our painters are available to meet with you soon for a color consultation. We will happily give you a complementary estimate for your project at that time. Contact American Painting Specialists today to request a consultation.