A primer is a protective coat that you apply to the exterior of your home before you paint it. The purpose is to prepare the surface to ensure the paint will adhere better. It also acts as a barrier to any stains that might ruin the painting job. You must know about primers when purchasing a house in the Westminster CO area.

Why You Might Need a Primer

There are many scenarios as to why you might need to apply a primer.

* Raw unfinished wood is a porous material that easily absorbs liquids. It can be spilled on it, including ketchup, blood, wine, and even milk. A primer will protect your house from these things and help ensure that your home looks as good as possible for a long time.

* Raw Drywall is considered one of the most porous materials in all construction. A primer will protect your drywall from the elements and stains. It can also help reduce chipping and peeling in the long run. When a house is built, or any time it undergoes a renovation, a lot of dust and debris enters the rooms.

* Masonry is even more porous than wood or drywall. There are many different types of masonry that you will find in homes today. The primer helps to reduce the absorption of stains and liquids, creating a barrier between the home and any possible damage.

* All bare surfaces including interior walls, floors, and ceilings are very porous. Primers will help prevent damage to these surfaces from spills, stains and wear and tear. When you have moisture in your home, it is more difficult for the paint to stick to a wall or ceiling because of the water-absorbing properties of drywall

* Uncoated metal or plastic are both non-porous materials. Both surfaces can help protect your home against the elements and stains.

* Water stains and other stains – The primer can block particulate matter, acid, and other stains. Water damage can ruin a wall or ceiling within weeks of applying the paint.

When Priming Isn’t Necessary

You may not need a primer for a specific project in some instances.

* The surface is clean- If you have a surface that is clean of dirt, dust, and debris, there is no need to apply a primer. The paint will adhere to the surface just fine without any additional help.

* It is not porous- You do not need to apply primers on surfaces that are not porous, like metal and plastic. These surfaces are often equipped with a protective coating that can prevent moisture from entering them when they

Don`t Trust Paint And Primer Combos

* Surface has a protective coating- If you already applied a protective coating to your surface, there is no need to apply another one.

Many people painting their homes in Westminster CO, think paint and primer combos are a good idea. While these products can benefit the novice, they should not be used by the experienced. The fact of the matter is that these types of products will not block enough moisture from entering your surfaces. If you don’t do this correctly, you will have trouble with your paint sticking over time because of the high amount of moisture in your home. Ensure that the residential painting contractors you hire in Westminster CO, have much experience with these products, as they can lead to failed painting projects. When using a primer with paint, the primer can also affect the paint’s stickiness.

There are many benefits to using a primer before painting your home. It helps to improve paint adhesion and make your surfaces last longer. This product can help you get a professional finish on your walls and ceilings. If you’re thinking about looking for Westminster CO, interior painters, contact the American Painting Specialists today to have your project successfully done.