To find the best contractor to work on your home, it is your duty to contact several contractors and ask for a quote. Sometimes, this only confuses people because they receive radically different quotes from everyone, and they have to ask, “Why do I receive massively dissimilar quotes for kitchen cabinet painting?”

It isn’t hard to explain. You can expect cabinet painters with extensive knowledge and experience to know all of the rules they have to follow to do a good job on your cabinets. So, you have to pay these people what they are worth. That may be the case, but all of the good cabinet painters are not always charging the highest prices. You might also receive some lower quotes, but this doesn’t mean that those cabinet painters will do the worst work. Cheap quotes don’t always mean inferior work, but in most cases, inferior work is what you can expect.

The American Painting Specialists in Westminster CO give customers free estimates, and if you need financing, we can accommodate you. No one will step inside your home without the proper liability insurance and Workers’ Compensation coverage. These regulations let you know that we can guarantee that our workers will do first-class work. This is the reason that we cannot assure you that our quote will be the cheapest, but we will explain our quoting process from the beginning until the end, and you will know why you receive different quotes from different cabinet painting companies.

Why Do Different Companies Offer Different Quotes?

There are three main reasons that different companies offer different quotes, and they are the following:

Some Contractors and Good, and Others Are Not.

Simply put, bad inside house painters give the lowest quotes. They can do this when they ask you to purchase the supplies. If they were reputable contractors, they would have relationships with suppliers who would sell products at discounted prices. When you purchase the supplies, you do not have relationships with the suppliers either, so you will have to pay higher prices. Because the contractor is not buying the supplies, they can quote a lower price, but this doesn’t actually make the job cheaper for you.

At American Painting Specialists in Westminster CO, we will explain every process and every charge so that you know what we are doing from the start until the finish. In order for you to have the best experience possible, we have to be able to communicate with you effectively. Without good communication, anything could go wrong.

Some Labor Costs Are Higher Than Others.

Labor costs are the most important part of a labor quote. If your job takes several weeks rather than a few days, it will cost more. If your job is a huge undertaking rather than a smaller job, it will cost more because you will pay more for labor.

In most cases, contractors will determine labor costs by how many man-hours were worked. If that is the case, it doesn’t matter whether one person worked or a whole crew worked on the job. The only thing you need to do to find out exactly how a contractor determined labor costs is to ask the question. Your contractor should be happy to explain this to you.

Some Supplies Cost More than Other Supplies.

Some contractors use low-quality supplies because they are cheaper. Then, they can quote you a lower price. If your contractor uses high-quality supplies, the quote will be higher. For example, Sherwin Williams paint is of higher quality than other paints, so your quote will be higher. In this case, it would be better to accept the higher quote because, when the job is finished, it will look better than if the contractor used a cheaper paint. It will also last longer.

Make Sure that There Is a Warranty.

A warranty lets you know that the contractor will stand by the work that the team has done. It means that they are certain that their supplies, workers and craftsmanship are first-rate. You know that you must not be shy about asking questions. If you don’t know what to ask, start by researching the products the company will use and the supplies that will be used. Also, ask for reviews from former customers. Do a search on the internet as well. When you are ready to contact us for a consultation, visit us on our website. You can request a quote by filling out our online form, or you can set up a consultation by calling us. We are waiting for your call!