For sure, commercial painting can be dangerous. If your employees were to take on this job, they’d expose themselves to numerous potential hazards: falls off of ladders, paint splattering in their eyes, harmful fumes, and more.

Plus, if you let nonprofessionals paint your business, you might put yourself in legal jeopardy. If someone got hurt, you could be liable.

Indeed, commercial painting requires experience, knowledge, professionalism, and extensive safety training. Not to mention, any painters you hire must be fully licensed and insured.

Even with professionals handling your painting, there are ways you can make the project easier, safer, and more pleasant for everyone involved. That includes your employees, your customers, and yourself as well as your commercial painting contractor.

Let’s look at the simple steps you can take to help ensure painting success.

1. Keep People Away from the Paint

Before the work begins, you should close off the areas that will be painted. You could use warning signs, barricade tape, masking tape on the floor, or some combination thereof.

You might also rearrange your furnishings to create new footpaths. That way, your business will be more navigable while painting takes place, and people won’t accidentally step into work zones.

Well before the painting begins, tell all of your employees about it. And instruct them to steer clear of all affected areas until all equipment has been removed. If you need to, you can temporarily relocate your staff members’ workstations within the building.

If a worker were injured due to slipping on paint, being struck by falling equipment, or a related accident, you’d have to officially report the incident. You’d also have to negotiate the convoluted compensation process.

2. Ventilate, Ventilate, Ventilate

Paint fumes can be more harmful than many people realize. That’s because paints often release chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Those compounds can trigger or worsen various health problems, including headaches, nausea, dizziness, and obstructed breathing. VOCs can also irritate the nose, eyes, and throat.

Therefore, if you can, it’s a good idea to schedule commercial interior painting jobs during warm weather months. That way, you can open plenty of doors and windows.

Additionally, verify that your ventilation equipment is working well. You’ll probably want your fans to keep running during the painting project.

3. Talk to Your Painters Ahead of Time

It’s helpful to sit down with your painters and strategize beforehand. Find out if they could work when your business is closed — maybe at night or on weekends. While such a schedule is unlikely, it doesn’t hurt to ask!

During this meeting, you can get specifics on the painting schedule, the equipment, the available colors and patterns, and other matters.

If you’re not sure which hues you’d like, your painters could help you decide by giving you their opinions and by showing you samples and photos.

Furthermore, you might ask your painters if there’s anything in particular you could do to make their work safer and more efficient.

4. Advertise Your New Look

It’s amazing what new coats of paint can do to an interior space. They can be transformational — especially if you’ve changed the colors dramatically.

Thus, given the time, money, and labor that will go into this project, you should let people know about it when it’s done. You might hang a sign outside that says: “New and Improved Store” or something similar. Post plenty of photos on your company’s social media pages as well.

By doing so, you’ll draw in more people, some of whom will share images of your business on their own social media accounts. Positive word of mouth is sure to spread.

5. Hire the Right Commercial Painters

You’re likely to get optimal results if you enlist a commercial painting contractor with a history of satisfied customers. You can ask other businesspeople for recommendations and read online reviews to put together a list of names.

If your business is located in or near Denver CO, American Painting Specialists (APS) is a truly outstanding option.

Kevin Getz, a Colorado native and top-notch painter, founded APS in 1987, and it’s experienced steady growth ever since. The APS team specializes in commercial and industrial painting as well as in specialty coatings.

Everyone at APS has deep knowledge of different kinds of paint: their chemical properties, their uses and applications, and their unique attributes.

These specialists also know all about finishes, and they can identify which finish goes with which substrate. And the APS crew is equally informed about the latest painting methods and pieces of equipment.

Each APS employee is completely insured and licensed. These painters are also attentive and conscientious, and they can tackle the most demanding of work environments.

Moreover, the APS team always completes its work within the allotted budget and on schedule. And each of them is courteous, friendly, and respectful by nature and by habit.

In short, with American Painting Specialists at your side, your business will soon sparkle and gleam inside. Your stylish new coats of paint could make your entire interior look brand new.

As a result, your employees might feel an extra twinge of pride in their work, and your Denver CO, customers may enjoy their shopping experiences even more. To get this exciting painting process started, please contact us for an initial consultation. We can discuss colors, schedules, and any other topic you’d like to address. We’d look forward to working with you and your business.