When you want to paint your commercial facility, you need to make sure that you have found time to get it done. You may have avoided this process in the past because you did not have the money or the time. However, your building will continue to deteriorate whether you like it or not. You can use the tips below to plan to paint the building right now. You will benefit from getting the building painted by a commercial painting contractor who understands how to work quickly.

When Should You Get The Building Painted?

Commercial painting services are easy to complete if your building is empty. When you empty the building, you will find that the painters can go anywhere, work as much as they need to, and avoid foot traffic that might be an issue for the painters. When you bring in store front painters, they will be afraid to work because you have customers going in and out the door all day. COVID 19 has actually helped business owners in this situation, since most businesses are closed.

Office painters will need to work around your staff, and the painting job will progress slowly. If your building is open during this time, you can use these tips to ensure that you can empty the building:

  • Find a time of year when the building is naturally closed
  • Close for the weekend to get the job done
  • Ask your staff to work from home while the building is painted (Which chances are they are already doing)

An empty building is an easy place to work, and you should ensure that you have planned the appropriate amount of time. Painting with people in the building can be difficult and sometimes dangerous. The painters will be afraid that people might walk into their ladders, and customers will not like the smell of paint. Your employees need to move around during the day, and they will not enjoy working in an office where they can never move around.

When Is Your Business Closed?

Businesses close for a variety of reasons during the year. Commercial painting contractors understand that it can be difficult to find time to paint the building, but you need to choose a time when you know you could or should be closed. The business is closed when you are in the off season, and the business might be closed over the weekend. You likely close for major holidays, and you may take a few long weekends during the year.

If your business never truly closes, you should choose a slow time of year to close, send your employees home to work, and ensure that the painters have free reign over the building. You want to keep the building empty while the painters are working, and you should ensure that you have enough time to get the work done.

If your business participates in trade shows, you could have the facility painted while you are away. These shows often last for several days, and you can have the building painted in that time. This is a simple way to update the building, and you do not need to worry about watching over the building while you are gone. The painters will paint the facility, lock up when they leave, and finish before you get back.

What If Your Business Cannot Close?

Some businesses do not close because they offer services around the clock. This is normal for pharmacies, medical clinics, and even gas stations. Factories and workshops may work around the clock because they must maintain a high production level, and you simply cannot shut down for even a few hours.

Because your building cannot close, you should talk to your commercial painting services provider about how they can paint different parts of the building at different times. You can have one section of the building painted, and you can easily close off that section of the building to avoid any problems.

You can direct your customers and staff away from these sections of the facility, and the painters can work quickly. You may notice that the painters are working, but they are not working amongst your employees or customers. You need to know how long it will take to complete the job, and you can use that information to plan different closures around the building.

Why Should You Get Painting Done Today?

You should get your building painted today because the exterior or interior is deteriorating every day. You should make sure that you have made time before the exterior of the building looks so bad that people avoid your business. Your employees may not enjoy working in the facility, and you will not have much energy because the paint job makes you feel tired.

You also want to motivate your customers to shop with you, and they will come back if you have added a fresh coat of paint to the building. You can paint your storefront to ensure that everything looks fresh, and you should look at the other parts of the building that face the road.

Curb appeal adds value to your building, and you will sell more every day because customers are intrigued by the appearance of your building. You should think about where customers can see your building, and you should have all the exterior panels painted to ensure that you can be seen.

How Can You Expedite This Process?

You can expedite this process by ensuring that you have prepared the building. You can do some repairs that will make painting easier, and you can prepare the interior of the building by moving furniture. You want to make the building as easy to manage as possible, and you should ensure the building is empty when it is time to start painting.

If you will have a few employees come through the building during the project, you should let your painters know that there will be people in the building. You should also let your customers know that you will be closed for painting. You do not want any upset customers to arrive while the painters are working. You never know who might enter the building thinking that they can shop while the painters are trying to do their work.

You also have the opportunity to add a new sign or logo to your building. If you have talked to your painter about the sign or logo you would like to add, they can paint the storefront, and they will be ready for the sign company to arrive. Your painter can work cooperatively with other contractors who need to be in the building, but you should notify everyone of what you are doing.

It’s Time To Consider Getting That Commercial Painting Project Done

When you work with us at American Painting Specialists, we will ensure that your facility in Westminster CO (and the surrounding areas) looks perfect. We can help you choose the appropriate colors for the building, select designs that you would like, and ensure that the interior of the building feels vibrant. You are investing in the style of the building, the morale of the employees, and the value of the business. You are showing investors that you take your image seriously, and you will impress people who may plan to shop with you, rent part of your building, or even purchase the building. You will attract more customers, increase your curb appeal, and feel better about going to work every day. Make time to empty the building, get the building painted, and renew your company.